Welcome to the portal for municipal and non-municipal kindergartens in Rælingen.

Important information: Login happens through use of the ID-portal (MinID/BankID), see the login link above. Here you will find information and user support. You do not need to be logged in to register a new application.
The Kindergarten portal has a responsive design. That means that it is possible for you as a parent to use the site no matter which smart phone, internet pad or computer you have.

A running admission is done throughout the year whenever a place opens up.
Main admissions 2018:
Application deadline (new applications) is March 1st 2018. Information on the main admission: Samordnet barnehageopptak 2018
In the kindergarten brochure Barnehagebrosjyren 2018 you will find information about the kindergartens and the kindergarten admission (will be translated into English).
Here you can also download
Regulations for the procedural rules for admissions to kindergarten:
Forskrift om saksbehandlingsregler ved opptak i barnehage
Informasjon om klagerett
Klageskjema for 2018

New applications
New applicants do not need to log in. Choose the tab Application form above. The application deadline for the main admission is March 1st.

Applications for transferring to another kindergarten in Rælingen
Login is unnecessary. Choose the tab Apply to kindergarten, above, and register an ordinary application (like a new application). The application deadline is February 1st for the main admissions.

Changing your application
You need to be logged in. For the main admission the application will be blocked for changes from March 2nd until the admissions are completed.

Changing an existing placement or resigning your place
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